downtown walking

TulsaNow Sept. 2014 Meeting

Ah, living downtown. The Urbanist’s dream come true: living in a dense environment with tall buildings — living above, and retail down below. Walk & bike everywhere, with local retail, entertainment, and restaurants at your fingertips. It makes so much sense for young professionals, and empty nesters. Small floorplans are better for building owners, too: more
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Map of Downtown Housing

In anticipation of our upcoming “kNOW Your Tulsa” meeting (Wed. Sept.3rd at 5:30pm. Don’t miss it!) we’ve created a map of all of the downtown housing developments that we’re currently aware of. If you know of a property that’s currently being built for housing, in the downtown area, please contact us and we’ll include it
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We Adopted

In keeping with our long-term commitment to Tulsa, TulsaNow signed a 5-year commitment to improve an area on the border of downtown through the City’s “Adopt-A-Spot” program. Through this program TulsaNow and it’s friends plan on not just keeping the area clean, but landscaping and improving the area. The “spot” we adopted is from 10th and
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postcard for transit

TulsaNow July 2014 Meeting

TulsaNow has advocated for better transportation choices for over 12 years.  It is well known that mass transit systems reduce wear and tear on roads, ease traffic congestion, and provide better quality of life and economic development opportunities.  These benefits have been well-documented by federal, state, and local reports.  The Transportation Advisory Board has made
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