pouring water

Putting Water in the River

The damming of the river through Tulsa has always been a controversial subject. Many individuals have strong opinions about the issue and both advocates and critics have convincing arguments for their position. The Arkansas River is the large river along Riverside drive. It connects to the Mississippi River and begins in the Rocky Mountains. It
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Water in the River

kNOW Your Tulsa April Meeting: Water in the River

TulsaNow’s monthly public forum will include a presentation by the Chairman of the Arkansas River Task Force and City Council District 9 representative GT Bynum. He’ll discuss work of the task force so far including discussions about dams, locations, potential cost and funding timeline. A panel discussion will follow including Bynum, Tulsa author Ann Patton,
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healthy city design means healthier citizens

Designing a Healthier City

It’s no secret that Tulsa has health problems. 63% of us are overweight or obese (with al full 1/3 of children falling in to this category). According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, less than half of Tulsa County’s population meets basic physical activity requirements (that’s fancy talk for: we don’t exercise). In
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kNOW Your Tulsa March Meeting: Alcohol Laws in OK

TulsaNow’s monthly public forum on March 4th will host speakers Senator Brian Crain (sponsor of SB 424), Kevin Hall of Free the Taps and Blaine Stansel of Roughtail Brewery to discuss the current alcohol legislation in Oklahoma as well as the forecast for Oklahoma brewers, retail alcohol businesses and consumers. They will be discussing the impact
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reforming Oklahoma alcohol laws

Oklahoma Liquor Laws: the Bigger Picture

At the moment three bills (SB 383, SB 424, and HB 1858) are in the state legislature that would reform Oklahoma alcohol laws. Modernizing the state’s archaic liquor laws may seem like a petty matter to some however it has far reaching consequences that many citizen’s are unaware of. This includes greater entrepreneurship, more economic
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